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The Gathering Storm

King Henry's obsession with restoring an ancient empire has left his people destitute and vulnerable to attack. As earthly and supernatural forces gather to overthrow all Henry has fought for, Alain and Liath come to realise their twin destinies.
Between them they hold the key to secrets which could yet save Henry's realm, but even they may be powerless should the Cursed Ones return.

The time of cataclysm is almost here when the land of the Aoi cast out of the world long centuries ago by an unimaginably powerful spell-weaving--will at last return to its starting point with disastrous consequences.

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"Human and compelling:  Elliott's writing is one of the best arguments for the value of multivolume works." -Fantasy & Science Fiction


Fantasy Book Review:
"[A]nother excellent installment and a must for any fan of the genre."


"A gripping and enthralling fantasy epic." -- The Times (of London)