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Spirit Gate

In a world torn apart by warfare and betrayal, a new darkness has arisen.

Outlanders Anji and Mai are on the run with a company of dedicated Qin warriors, when they meet an unusual reeve in the mysterious country known as the Hundred. Together, they must decide whether to take on a fanatical army against impossible odds. Because if they don't, the land will certainly be lost. 

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"Kate Elliott has skillfully woven a wonderful story here with fantastic world building and interesting characters and I highly recommend it to all fantasy readers who enjoy a good epic tale." -SFFChat

"An absorbing blend of action, romance, fantasy and the oriental." -Starburst

"Spirit Gate makes an exciting start to a new series, rich in varied characters, intriguing cultures, and subtle conflicts." -


Macmillan Publishers:
"A haunting tale of people swept up by the chaos of war, this is superlative fantasy adventure, rich in texture, filled with color and excitement, masterfully crafted by a brilliantly gifted storyteller."

Publishers Weekly:
"This promises to be a truly epic fantasy."

Sci-Fi Weekly:
"A treasure for readers who enjoy the journey as much as, or more than, the destination."


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Spirit Gate  |   Shadow Gate  |   Traitors Gate

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